Mobile Resting Echocardiogram Services

Resting Echocardiogram

The resting echocardiogram shows a real-time, cross-sectional, two-dimensional image of the patient’s beating heart, including the heart’s chambers, valves and large blood vessels. The mobile technologist also employs Doppler ultrasound imaging during the resting echocardiogram to reveal blood-flow direction and velocity. The resting echocardiogram’s data is recorded as both still and video images and a permanent record is created.

The physician interpreting the results of the resting echocardiogram draws conclusions about the viability of the heart muscle, the size of the heart’s chambers and whether there is disease or damage present. The pumping action of the heart is also revealed by a resting echocardiogram. Compromised pumping performance can be evidence of cardiomyopathy or a prior heart attack. The interpreting physician will assess the condition of the heart valves as well and whether there is evidence of abnormalities such as calcification, scarring, stenosis, or mitral valve prolapse.

A resting echocardiogram is a safe, painless procedure for the patient that takes the mobile technologist about 15 to 20 minutes to perform.

Common indications for ordering a resting echocardiogram include:

  • Abnormal EKG
  • Chest Pain
  • Syncope and Collapse
  • Hypertensive Heart Disease
  • Atrial Fibrillation
  • Enlarged Heart
  • Shortness of Breath Murmur