FAQ: Answers to Your Questions about Working with Diagnostic Partners

How will Diagnostic Partners’ technician work with my staff to avoid disruption to our office routines?

Diagnostic Partners and your scheduler will choose a set time for patients to come in for diagnostic services. Depending on your patient volume, we come in for a full day or half as often as you need. Patients are scheduled into this time slot the same way they would be for a regular office visit. Our IAC-accredited sonographer functions as an extended member of your staff; he/she will come in quietly and perform studies without requiring assistance from your office personnel. Your staff can stick to the status quo with no disruption.

Does Diagnostic Partners require a lot of space in my office to work with patients?

No. Our lightweight, portable digital machines do not take up much space; they are about the size of a laptop computer. A small-sized exam room with a bed and electrical outlet is all that’s needed. If WiFi or ethernet service is available, our technician can often upload studies in real time. Otherwise, no special accommodations are required.

How long does each study take?

Studies are fast and painless, utilizing a minimum of 30 minutes and a maxiumum of 60 minutes per service”

How soon will I see increased revenues from my relationship with Diagnostic Partners?

When you file claims electronically, you receive reimbursements within 30 days—or even sooner.

How can I track my ancillary revenue and monitor profitability when I sign up for your sonography services?

Keep copies of the echo and vascular claims you have submitted in a separate file. Attach the EOB when you receive payment. Your office manager can easily show you the resulting additional revenue and profit.

How quickly will I receive results from Diagnostic Partners’ board-certified cardiologists?

You will receive the results within 48 hours or less. The report will be delivered by securely encrypted, HIPPA-compliant email or via fax, whichever you prefer.

Will I be able to speak personally with the physician who produced the report?

Absolutely. You can call our corporate office to speak with the reading physician any time you have a question regarding the findings.

Is there an additional charge for getting the raw data from reports sent to a specialist if I refer a patient?

There is no additional charge to make a secure download of a study from our servers. Studies can also be burned to CD for a nominal fee.

I’m concerned about the Stark Law. How can I be sure I am not violating federal prohibitions on self-referrals by working with Diagnostic Partners?

Diagnostic Partners has worked closely with its legal counsel to ensure Stark-compliant service agreements with its physician clients, particularly Medicare-certified providers. If you have concerns or uncertainty about your own individual situation, we recommend you consult with your legal advisor prior to billing for services provided by Diagnostic Partners.

Does Diagnostic Partners carry its own malpractice insurance?

Diagnostic Partners is fully covered by liability insurance and every individual cardiologist who reads studies for us carries malpractice insurance. Proof of insurance or additional information can be provided upon request.

Is Diagnostic Partners HIPAA-compliant?

Yes. Diagnostic Partners’ IT department aggressively protects its network against intrusion to protect patient data. HIPAA-compliant VPN (Virtual Private Networks) are used by our physician clients to access secure patient data remotely.

Will offering Diagnostic Partners’ diagnostic services on-site at my offices really improve patients’ perception of my practice?

Yes. Diagnostic Partners’ state-of-the-art digital services show your patients that you are committed to providing answers to their concerns about their cardiovascular health in a safe, comfortable, familiar environment. Patients appreciate the convenience of not having to travel to an unfamiliar off-site facility and they respect the fact that their course of treatment is based on solid, clinical data collected in your office under your direction.

See what satisfied clients have to say about Diagnostic Partners

“For over 12 years, Diagnostic Partners has been our partner of choice for cardiovascular imaging throughout the country in our QTC clinics. Diagnostic Partners’ techs are consistently excellent. They are professional and personable, and we have received many compliments from the veterans about their service. As we all strive to provide high-quality, convenient services in a timely and cost-effective manner, Diagnostic Partners helps us ensure we meet these standards by decreasing travel requirements for veterans and improving our report turn-around times.”

Larry Schaefer
Vice President of Provider Relations

QTC Medical, A Lockheed Martin Company